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Meet your new set of lounge furniture - Zapphiro! It is a unique collection consisting of only three basic elements. These are two perfectly constructed sofas and an armchair. The perfect set for every salon.

High-quality sofas and armchairs

The Zapphiro leisure set has many advantages. One of the most important is its very stable structure. All furniture has been designed to be used for many years. Their skeleton is made of wood from deciduous and coniferous trees. Only the highest quality materials were selected to make it. Additionally, it was supplemented with chipboard. That is why the furniture from the Zapphiro series is extremely solid.

The Zapphiro furniture has been refined down to the smallest detail. Both the seat and the backrest are also made of excellent raw material. They were made of HR foam. Thus, they are both durable and very comfortable. On the other hand, the legs on which the sofas and the armchair stand are made of very good quality plastic.

A beautiful living room set in many colours

Apart from the fact that Zapphiro furniture is very durable, it should also be added that it looks really great. This collection includes two sofas - with two or three seats - and an armchair. They have a classic design, which is why they will fit perfectly into any arrangement. Importantly, both the sofas and the armchair have not only a comfortable seat and backrest, but also comfortable armrests.

The great advantage of the furniture from this collection is its availability in many different colours. You can choose the legs in as many as four colours, in dark and light shades. However, the piece of furniture itself can have a classic black colour or one of the colours mentioned here: aqua, beige, coral, green, grey, navy blue or yellow.

Finally, it is worth adding that the Zapphiro living room furniture set is easy to keep clean. The upholstery can be easily cleaned with common chemicals. In addition, setting the furniture on a leg means that it can vacuum under it every day without having to move it.

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